Demand for lithium on the rise

It’s expected that the demand for battery grade lithium is expected to outpace supply by 2023. A new process is needed that is able to rapidly scale to meet the demand without compromising the ideals of the electric revolution: a sustainable future.

Conventional process

Current & conventional lithium chemicals production methods are expensive to build and to operate, require substantial infrastructure, are slow to deploy, and are environmentally harmful.

Novalith Process

Novalith’s novel technology is simpler and directly uses carbon dioxide to extract and convert lithium raw materials to lithium battery chemicals. The result is a smaller, cheaper & greener production process.

The Benefits of Novalith’s LiCAL™ Technology

Sequesters CO2
Uses carbon dioxide to directly extract lithium and produce lithium chemicals.
No harmful by-products
As our technology doesn’t use any strong acids or other harmful chemicals to extract the lithium, it produces no harmful by-products or environmentally damaging tailings.
We can co-locate our technology at or near the source of lithium, significantly reducing transport costs and associated emissions.
High purity
Our unique lithium extraction chemistry is highly selective, resulting in direct production of high purity battery grade lithium chemicals.
Uses less Water
Our technology recycles water, reducing water consumption by more than 90%.
Reduced Capital & Operating Costs
A simpler flowsheet needs less equipment and less reagents, significantly reducing costs.
Smaller Footprint
As our process uses less equipment (and no auxiliary plants such as sulphuric acid production), it requires significantly less area for the same lithium chemicals production capacity.
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