about us

Novalith was founded by an experienced team of innovators combining advanced process & chemical engineering capabilities, process scale-up, clean-tech and mining expertise.

OUR vision

We're building a sustainable future.

Climate change is impacting the world, and we're in a race to meet net zero. We need to transition away from fossil fuels towards sustainable, low-carbon economies. However, it is not a switch that can happen overnight. We need to reduce our emissions and remove billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere to hit our climate goals.

Novalith's technology has a significantly lower CO2 footprint and directly utilises CO2 that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere to extract & refine lithium, solving two very big problems: directly reducing CO2 emissions and indirectly avoiding the generation of billions of tonnes of CO2 through a sustainable electric future.

Novalith is growing, and we're looking for passionate engineers, scientists and future focused folks. Work with us to create better technologies for green battery chemicals.

Open Positions