We use CO2 to unlock cleaner, cheaper lithium from rock.
Novalith is utilising CO2  to make low-carbon, high-purity lithium for batteries, without the environmental costs.
a sustainable future

Accelerating towards an electric era

Our philosophy at Novalith is that in order to reach a sustainable future, two things are needed: reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and adopt renewable energy.

Batteries, and in particular, lithium-based batteries, provide an ideal solution to reducing emissions, storing, and utilising renewable energy but the lithium and other materials needed for these batteries are extracted and produced in costly and environmentally harmful ways.

By using carbon dioxide to extract lithium from lithium bearing ores to produce a low-carbon and environmentally sustainable lithium, Novalith solves these problems, allowing the world to accelerate towards a sustainable electric future.

Race to the resource

Untapped Resources

Lithium is a relatively abundant resource, with the majority coming from either lithium brines or rocks (lithium bearing ores) such as spodumene. Lithium from brines typically requires large evaporation ponds that are harmful to the environment, take a long time to produce lithium product and often result in low battery grade lithium recovery.

Hard rock resources, and in particular lithium-bearing spodumene ores, provide around 60% of the worlds lithium, and are mainly found in Australia and a few other places across the globe. These resources typically produce high quality battery grade lithium product but getting the lithium out of the rock, be it a spodumene or a petalite, is hard work.
solving our lithium problem
Our electric future requires sustainable solutions that are rapidly deployable at large scale.

Lithium Prices

Lithium needs to be a bountiful harvest, and we need to harvest faster to meet growing demand and keep costs down.

Electric Era

Novalith's technology will solve the problems we face relating to lithium and battery metals, accelerating our transition to an electric era.

Fragile Ecosystems

We need to protect the environment, directly by using greener processing technologies with a lower environmental footprint.


Our goal should not only be to reduce carbon emissions but consume and utilise as much CO2 as we can.

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