🚀 Some key takeaways from our CEO, from Fastmarkets Lithium Supply and Battery Raw Materials 2022 global forum.

October 19, 2022

It was great to have been able to attend the #fastmarkets - Lithium Supply and Battery Raw Materials 2022 global forum on behalf of #Novalith last week in Arizona. The conference was excellent, with a lot of interesting conversations and presentations around what the foundations of our #electricfuture might look like and how we're going to get there.

A few of our key takeaways from the event are: we need #lithium, we need it fast, we need it cheap, and how we get that lithium from the resource into the battery is important!

After attending the conference, we're feeling even more excited at Novalith about helping to overcome some of the challenges facing this rapidly growing industry by providing a greener, faster and more economical means of extracting lithium and producing battery chemicals.

Thanks to everyone who attended our presentation on "Direct Lithium Extraction from lithium bearing ores" during the Innovation Showcase, and who took the time to meet with myself and Christiaan Jordaan (Co-founder).

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