Novalith joins this years Tech23 among other Australian innovators

December 2, 2021

Novalith is excited to be part of the 13th annual #Tech23 as one of 23 homegrown deeptech companies!

Tech23 celebrates and amplifies the impact of homegrown young deeptech companies that have the potential to create new industries, smarter solutions, and a better world.

This year we look forward to attending the event, where Novalith Co-found & CTO, Andrew Harris will be discussing the topic "Reimagining the way we live to restore plant health." Let's pretend its 2030, what what clean energy will be ours? We look forward to discussing short-term and Long-term horizons for clean, safe and unlimited energy in Australia. Joining him will also be Louise Brown from HydGene Renewables, Erich Kisi from MGA Thermal and Ninotschka Titchkosky from BVN.

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