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Novalith Technologies is a Sydney based startup working on developing novel technologies to extract lithium from ores to produce high grade battery chemicals.

Our goal is to commercialise a green lithium chemicals production process to reduce the environmental impact of lithium production for use in batteries and related applications. Novalith's technology directly sequesters carbon dioxide to produce a high purity, battery grade lithium carbonate.

We are currently setting up a lab in Alexandria and are looking for engineers to be part of the core team, helping to commercialise our innovative technology. You'll be helping with the design of the pilot & test equipment, setting up new equipment, performing data analysis, modelling & simulating the process, and contributing to internal reporting. The directions and priorities will come from the CTO/CEO leading the milestone/deliverable for our scale-up and commercialisation pathway.

  • Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering/Metallurgy/Materials Science/Physics/Chemistry
  • Master's degree or PhD in chemical engineering or related (preferred).
  • Experience with R&D commercialisation, mineral leaching and mineral carbonation (preferred).
  • Experienced in the use of Aspen Plus
  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills, with attention to detail and good record keeping.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team as well as independently.
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, hands-on experience conducting experiments, troubleshooting and maintaining equipment.
  • Assist in the design and setup of the reactor systems, gas handling, concentration systems, and related equipment.
  • Assist in experiment design and subsequent experiments.
  • Perform analytical characterization.
  • Perform data analysis of analytical characterization & experimental data.
  • Perform a range of general support tasks including sourcing and updating materials inventory, equipment and supplies.
  • Promote safety in the team and take responsibility for safe lab operations.
  • Manage multiple priorities with high flexibility and strong organizational skills.
Job Benefits

As part of the core development team, this role comes with a competitive salary and the opportunity to become more than just an employee with an attractive ESOP for dedicated & talented team members.

Please include reference to relevant experience in your cover letter and why you feel you would be suitable for this exciting role!

Novalith Technologies
Employment Type
September 10, 2021
Job Location
Alexandria, Sydney

We use carbon dioxide to simplify lithium chemicals production

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